Are you ready to
answer the call god has put on your heart to serve
achieve your goals
Successfully build your business


I am Onyinye C. Anike and I help Christian women/entrepreneurs start, launch, grow and scale a profitable, online business which allows them to have INCOME, IMPACT & FREEDOM.

I do this by helping you
align with your purpose and calling
clarify your niche and messaging
package, price and position your premium offers
and consistently get premium dream clients by
implementing effective business strategies

Check out my services below and how we can work together:


Are you looking for someone to inspire, empower and motivate your audiences to shift their mindset, step out of their comfort and transform their lives with purpose, clarity and confidence so they can be unstoppable in achieving their goals?


Book Onyinye to speak to your audience.

EMPOWERED SUCCESS (Transformation coaching)
1. Live your purpose, build your confidence and own your power

I help you set a specific goal focused on helping you gain the confidence and skill sets to master your mind, authentically express your gifts and talents and courageously own your power as a women of faith.


If you have been hiding, playing small, telling yourself stories of why it will never work or fearful of what others think then you have come to the right place.


We all have goals, ambitions and plans and yet we never execute for fear of failure, rejection, judgment, our own doubts or a myriad of reasons. 


Well no more. Its all limiting beliefs that our mind tells us to keep us safe and yet its only holding us back and stopping us from meeting our goals.


Lets help you address that resistance so you can gain the confidence to be yourself, meet your goals, step out of your comfort zone and fully walk in your power as God intended.



No more one day I will ________


Make today the day you achieve your goal and transform your life

2. Launch your online coaching, consulting or service based business

If you want to start and launch your coaching, consulting or service- based business and your feeling lost or confused as to the next steps, then this program is right for you. 


I help you launch your business successfully.


Whether your still juggling the 9-5 

or you’ve been at this entrepreneur journey for awhile 

and have not yet quite figured it out, 


I got you sis.


The Purpose Biz Accelerator was created for that.


In this program you will learn how to:


clarify your niche and messaging so you establish yourself as the expert


package, price and promote your premium offer, 

create content that speaks to your ideal client so you stand out from the crowd,


implement the best strategy for getting and enrolling clients in your business


….all this while working fewer hours so you can focus on the things that matter.


If your ready, BOOK a Breakthrough Call NOW


Because, each second you wait is a missed opportunity to make impact and income.


And, I want you to start & launch sooner rather than later so you dont give up 

and miss out on building your kingdom business


3. Get ready to take your business to a whole new level.

If you are ready to grow and scale your business then this is the program for you. 

You will be able to use my InstaAuthority Method to:


attract amazing dream clients at premium price by creating a high value transformative program or service.


create enhanced messaging that positions you as an instant authority within your niche


create more impact, income and freedom by leveraging group coaching so you can  get even better results for your clients. 


generate more leads without the stress of social media marketing, podcasting, networking, blogging, launches or constant content posting (unless you want to of course) going from cold to close in 48 hours.


Who this is For


You are a coach, consultants or service provider.

You are good at what you do and your clients are happy customers.


You are ready to raise your prices or tighten up and elevate your messaging.


You know that you can make more impact but you dont have a system in place to consistently attract new clients and your ready to grow and scale.


You want the individualized attention that will help you really collapse the timeline because you know time is the most valuable asset and you want to have the Income, Impact and Time Freedom that’s possible.


If that is you, lets talk….


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A little about me. 


I am Onyinye Anike,


 Transformation Coach & Business Strategist, an International Bestselling Author and Speaker 


I started my own purpose quest and transformation many years ago after my cancer diagnoses (long story) and then once again after I decided to start my coaching business.


I learned to take imperfect action, embrace failure as a learning opportunity, work on my mindset daily, live my purpose and faith authentically, speak and share my message unapolegetically, and serve others courageously.


I am a wife and mother to two beautiful humans.


I love cooking, traveling, dancing, and napping #momlife.


I value authenticity, honesty, humor and transparency.


 I believe that we all have a message to share, our purpose must be lived out and building a business gets to be fun (because why not) and self-care is a priority. 


I am a child of God and everything 

I do is grounded in my faith.


I love meeting new people, learning their story and helping them realize their full potential and purpose so they can confidently meet their life and business (biz) goals.


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I Can Help


You might be wondering if now is the right time for you to hire a Coach. 


There is no better time nor will there ever be a better time than NOW!!!


You know it’s true; 


Listen to your intuition and the call that God has put in your heart and not to the excuses generated by your mind. 


The excuses are just fear talking and it will keep you stuck,  frustrated, broke and unfulfilled if you let it take over.

It’s time to . . .step fully into your purpose and power…… achieve your goals . . .build a highly profitable business ….. release the doubt, fear, stress and self- sabotage holding you back, so you can operate at your highest potential….. in life and business


It’s your time. 




Step Up and own your dream!


Wherever you are on your journey ……


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