How Confidence Can Help You Close on your Next Sales Call

When you hear the word sales what comes to mind? For many it isnt very pleasant.

I used to be deathly scared of sales calls when I first started out.

There was a lot of preconceived beliefs and negative feeling tied into the thought of asking someone for money. I grew up in a household where talking about money was made to feel really wrong, bad and even dirty.

I was not even allowed to participate in fundraisers in school because my dad didnt want his kids to have anything do do with money. Clearly this had an impact on me and my beliefs about money and set the stage for my mental resistance to sales. Not to mention the negative rap sales gets.

That was how I was until I realized I needed to address my liming beliefs and shift my mindset around sales because I was NOT making money and not serving my people fully because of it.

I realized that I needed to break those limiting beliefs and build my confidence if I actually wanted to have a business and not a charity.

So let me share 4 reasons why confidence is the key to closing more sales:

1. You’ll get MORE sales calls, because you won’t feel “salesy” marketing

Let’s be honest – there’s a part of you that feels spammy, salesy, annoying, or sleazy talking about your work online.

When you feel confident in your work and how you can serve, you’re willing to shout from the rooftops about your work – because you know that there are folks who need to hear it.

You’re not willing to sit silent – because your sharing, your services isn’t about you. It’s about reaching your ideal client who needs you.


2. When you’re confident about how you can serve them, they’re confident you can serve them too

When someone is on a sales call with you, they want to buy from you. They’re hoping and praying that you’ll have the thing that will change their lives.

When you’re confident, you’ll believe that too.

You won’t hesitate from making the big, bold promises that inspire folks to sign up. You’ll be confident in the results you can help them create.

You’ll know that what you bring to the table works – and in turn, they’ll believe it, and say yes to you.

3. Confidence will make them understand the worth of your program because YOU understand the worth of it

My mentor always told me that you need to enroll yourself in your vision and offer before you can enroll others in it

I feel super clear about what my work is worth, and how it changes the lives of the women it comes into contact with.

So when I say the pricing of my programs, I think, “you’re welcome” instead of, “oh no, what will they think?”

When potential clients are fearful because they’re not 100% sure if the value is there or not, I am able to confidently and calmly communicate to them why this program is a fit for them and worth every penny.

I also won’t feel bad guiding them to whatever answer is right for them – whether it’s a yes or a no – because I’ll know that them paying for my support would be doing them a service.

4. You’ll know that more leads are coming – so it’s okay if this one doesn’t close

This will shift your energy from desperate, convincing energy and scarcity to abundant, casual energy.

This is massive, by the way, because there’s nothing that’s more of a turn-off than coming from a place of desperation. Your prospect can feel that.

When you feel confident that another client is coming, you’re able to hold space for this person to make the right decision for themselves – because you’ll know that even if this person doesn’t sign, someone else (and your money) will come.

So a quick summary, in order to be confident at sales you need to shift your mindset, come from a place of service and build your confidence in the knowledge of what you have to offer and the transformation you can create in someones life.

If you’re struggling with your confidence in sales, then it’s time for you to build up that confidence and make that shift for your business and for yourself so you can build that thriving business and serve fully.

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