5 Strategies to Get your Next Clients Organically

I recently got off of a call with a fellow coach who had recently bought a course on using funnels for more sales. She had been struggling for sometime to find clients and was at her wits end. She had bought this course from a big name coach in the online space and was soon frustrated by her lack of progress. No new client but instead another blow to her ego. I felt for her in my heart because I could remember being in her shoes not too long ago. Well she didnt have to worry anymore because I shared with her how she could quickly attract new clients and get back to what she loved- coaching.

When I first started off as a new coach, I had also been sold by the “gurus” on the need to immediately run Facebook ads to a really complex funnel, I am talking like super tech heavy major steps and complicated. It was overwhelming but I did it because that was what I thought would help me attract clients in the online space. Well guess what? It didn’t really work the way I thought it would.

First, I had no idea what I was really doing. I got a few clients but didnt know what to do with them because I was not clear on who my ideal client was. I was helping everyone who expressed interest and my messaging was off. This led quickly to burn out and frustration with myself, my clients and my business.

Well fast forward to today and let me tell you, I have had my best months yet all due to organic strategies and methods. I dismantled my funnel, stopped running the ads after hundreds spent down the drain and decided to go back to the basics.

Now, I am not anti- ads, automation and funnels at all. I think they are wonderful. They can make processes easier and much more efficient, however I do not believe you should invest in any of these until you are at 6 figures and beyond and have a consistent system and strategy in place that works.

Instead, here are 5 no cost strategies you can use now to get clients that work.


1.Conduct Market research. This option helps you get really clear on the needs, pain points and desires of your target audience so you can best serve them.  You can create a survey or ask those interested to jump on a call with you. This gives you an opportunity to learn their pain points and if your services end up being a good fit or something the prospective individual is interested in, you can invite them to work with you. This option has worked for me and for my clients.

2. Tap your network. Sometimes your ideal clients are not that far away. Reach out to family an friends and share what you are doing and who you serve. Ask if they may know anyone who could benefit from what you have to offer. Ask for introductions. In line with this, if you have past clients who have gotten great results, you can ask them if they have anyone in their circles who could also benefit from the work you do. I believe sharing is caring.

3. Reach out to people online who have expressed interest in your content or freebie and ask them to jump on a discovery cal with them. Provide value on the call and show them how you can solve their problem and then invite them to work with you. Sometime we complicate this process but be open, honest and genuinely curious about how you can best serve the individual.

4. Podcast interviews. This is one of my favorites. I love talking to people and this feels really natural for me. Its a great way to be visible and reach tons of your ideal clients. Make sure you are strategic about how you go about this, so you can best leverage it. Always have some call to action and make sure you are clear from the host on what the topic is and who the audience are. Always do your research.

5. Collaboration with admins in groups, summits ect that have your ideal clients in attendance. You never want to be in competition but you do want to offer up value when collaborating with the gatekeepers of these various platforms and events. Be clear on the benefit of collaborating with you and expectations.

Ultimately, you decide which works best for you. Whatever it is stay consistent and focus on that. Prioritize building relationships, provide value and be of service. 

I am rooting you on and if you are ready to invest in your business and really see exponential growth and success, book a call at onyinyecanike.com.

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