Mindset is Key in Business

I had a cry in my breakthrough session with my mindset coach a few weeks ago. Why you ask? Because I was feeling stuck and needed to shift. I was focusing on all the things I had to do to launch my new program. I kept pushing it back and stating I needed more time and to gain even more information before I could launch successfully. I put even more things on my plate to keep me “busy” and that included yet another business course. The reality is that I knew these reasons were a crutch for me. 

Listen, I know business strategy.

I am a business coach.

I dont know every strategy- but right now, I know enough. I have spent thousands to acquire the knowledge that I have and been mentored by the best so I know my stuff. But I was telling myself that there were things I didn’t know for where I want to be this year. I was convinced that I needed to do all of these fancy things. I didn’t trust myself and my strategy. So, I signed up for another program.

After a couple of weeks, I realized that the thoughts that lead me to sign up, and the thoughts that were plaguing me throughout the program actually had nothing to do with business strategy.

They had to do with my mind. I realized the things that were holding me back were because I was scared:

Scared I was not good enough

Scared about how I’d navigate having more clients.

Scared about whether or not I was engaging with my audience the right way.

Scared that my launch was going to flop.

Scared that no-one really wanted what I had to sell.

Yes, I still have these thoughts even though I am a mindset coach, I am human.

That’s when I decided to quit the program, and instead invest the money in hiring a mindset coach. Because at this point, I know everything I need to know – but if I don’t trust my ideas, my ability to handle it, feel overwhelmed, or any of the other stuff that comes up….my business will never grow.

What I know is that if you’re making your mindset your second priority behind strategy then that’s why your business hasn’t grown to where it needs to be. 

Business strategy is honestly pretty simple. It’s a lot of common sense, plus a few tweaks and secrets that business coaches teach their clients.

What isn’t simple is trusting in your ability to execute.

Being bold in your messaging.

Being unapologetic yet heartfelt in your sales.

Managing your time, energy, and priorities.

Navigating client boundaries.

The list goes on.

They’re all different problems, but one thing stays the same – those aren’t strategy issues.  They’re mindset issues.

And if you want to be successful in your business you need to work on your mindset daily. 

So, one of the things I did to build a successful coaching business and serve my clients was creating a morning mindset routine that I do every day. 

It includes visualization, affirmations, reading my Bible, meditation, prayer and journaling. I’ve learned that this is a NON-NEGOTIABLE for me now.

Leveraging a strong mindset with the right business strategies = a killer combination for business success. And it makes NOTHING impossible!

Its through repetition and consistency that you are able to work through those times when you find yourself self-sabotaging, letting the limiting beliefs or inner critic take over and keep you stuck.

So to work on your mindset commit to a daily routine and these three steps. 

First become aware of your inner critic or limiting beliefs when you start to feel your self having those thoughts. 

Secondly get curious and reframe the thoughts to ones that better serves and affirm you and who you are.

Third take action, because most limiting beliefs and negative thoughts keep us in analysis paralysis so we cant take action which is our brains way of protecting us. By taking action you can move one step closer to your desired goal and success in life and business.

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