4 Lessons for Building a Successful Business

I remember when I first started my coaching business, I had no idea what I was doing.

I jumped into it on a prayer (lol)

My strategy for getting clients was to build a website and then have them magically find me and hire me ( I kid you not, this was my plan)

Well I got the website up, and then nobody came… that old saying build it and they will come is completely false.

No one came and I was devasted especially because I spent so much time working on it (3 weeks exactly)

I reflect on that now and think about what I would have told myself in those early days.

I would have skipped that step and worked on more critical items in my business.

I would of saved myself a whole lot of time, money & stress.

But it’s ok.

Because since I struggled through it for so long, this means that I get to show YOU how to skip it all and focus on what actually matters.


Here are 4 lessons I learned about building a successful coaching business (that I now teach my clients).

1. Just Get Started- Take action.


The reason you haven’t reached $10k/month has nothing to do with having an imperfect website, branding or how many followers you have.

It has EVERYTHING to do with taking action which includes creating content, reaching out to prospective clients and actually booking calls.

Who cares if things aren’t perfect?

Done is better than perfect.

The cost of inaction is being stuck working on a website, procrastinating and in full analysis paralysis that wont generate any leads, money or results, just frustration.


2. Feel the Fear and do it


You’re are stepping into a leadership role of massive proportion (like no joke), and that can be scary!

You have to post things and share things about your life that some of your closest family and friends don’t even know (see my declaration post).

You have to show up consistently and be authentic and vulnerable.

People don’t buy from people who pretend to be perfect.

They want a REAL person.

Someone who understands how they feel and the struggles they have gone through!

Will some people not get it or not resonate with it?

Yeah, probably! But those are not your people (know who your called to serve and speak to them).

Remember that when someone says “you can’t”, they secretly mean “I can’t.” (it’s just their fears being projected onto you).

Don’t let it stop you, keep doing the thing and keep showing up.


3. Stop Underselling Yourself

It’s way easier to make $10K in a month than you think.

Instead of trying to sell a $100 service to 100 people to make $10K you can sell a $2,000 package to 5 people per month.

And I’m going to tell you something – it takes about the same amount of time and energy to sell a $100 package as it does a $2,000 one.

So you might as well sell to only 5 people instead of having to find 100 new clients each month. (seriously its stressful and super EXHAUSTING).

Plus You can serve your clients at a higher level. (P.S. For my Christian entrepreneurs who are struggling right now with this idea, DM me and we can unpack the limiting belief and money mindset blocks that are coming up for you- trust I was once there)

My time is super valuable and the transformation my clients get is priceless so let’s leave it at that.

In conclusion create an offer that gives you more time, money and energy.

One that has you doing cartwheels each time you make a sale not dreading whats to come 

4. Stop taking advice from your friends/family


We all have that person(s) in our life who will be well meaning “oh I don’t know if you can sell something so high” or “are you sure you can make money doing that” and then you start doubting yourself and your abilities.

Why the heck are you listening to someone’s opinions who literally has no idea about anything of the online business world??

Jenny knows about her accounting job or her 9th-grade teaching position.

She should not be giving you advice on your business.

Stop listening to friends and family (sorry fam, not tryna be mean) and start only listening to people who have ACTUALLY accomplished what you are wanting to do. (Better yet hire a coach- seriously game changer)

Hear what I’m saying?

I intentionally surround myself and connect with those who I aspire to be like or share a common value system with that I want for my business.

So next time Uncle Bob wants to give you “expert advice” smile and nod. (You should see my face at family gatherings.

So lady, know that your people are waiting for you to step up and start making the impact God has called you to make not get stuck creating a website…..

Go be great and let me know how it goes 😊

Anything you would add I would love to know.

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