How to Position Yourself as the Go to Expert in your Niche


In a noisy online social media space, now more than ever, it is crucial to position your offer as a must have and not a nice to have in the marketplace. Your positioning is the difference between making sales or hearing crickets. Many coaches don’t realize exactly what positioning is and how to best position themselves to stand apart and be seen as an authority and expert in their industry.

In today’s episode I share the 4 pillars of positioning (opportunity, authority, exclusivity and affinity) that you must factor into your marketing and offer to establish the know, like and trust factor while being seen as a credible authority and stand out from the crowd. I also talk about the two perspectives you need to have aligned if you really want to be seen as the top expert in your niche. I know you are a visionary and trailblazer so this episode is what you need to get started and stand out on top.

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