How you can be more productive & manage your time with Executive & Productivity Coach Lisa Demarco


Lisa DeMarco is an Executive and Productivity Coach who helps female entrepreneurs gain more clarity on their goals and potential obstacles and provide them with tools and strategies so they can achieve greater success. Lisa created Lisa DeMarco Coaching by combining her 17+ years experience as a teacher and executive functioning coach.  Those  years helping students to plan, prioritize and organize their work inspired her to use her skills to develop a program that helps women who are feeling overwhelmed in their business. 

Using positive psychology tools and executive coaching strategies, her clients are able to find success in their business and balance in their life. Lisa believes that every goal is achievable with a plan! Lisa talks about how you can use time blocking, the importance of your mindset and a solid strategy in place including the 5 minute plan, can be a real game changer. Including the distinction between busy vs productive and importance of self care.

Lisa talks about the importance of getting clarity on your goal, your why and focusing on just getting one thing done daily instead of a million.


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