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✔ [12 Month Access] 4-Phase Course Resource Library- the exact steps to elevating your message, landing premium clients consistently & scaling your business.

✔ [4 Months] Weekly Group Coaching Calls – get all of your questions answered, be coached through challenges, and connect with your coach every week for rapid growth

✔ [4 Months] Content Critique Workshops – group calls dedicated to creating content and receiving real-time feedback on your content and copy to ensure you are on the right track.

✔ [4 Months] Private VIP Facebook Community – where all the connections + collabs happen! Ask your questions and get feedback daily. Meet your new business besties, who will help you elevate to the next level in business.

✔ BONUS 1: Launch Academy & Assets- The emails, sales pages, promo posts, launch calculator, banner photos, pitch scripts, slide decks, and templates. It is everything you need to have a highly converting launch every time!
✔ BONUS 2: The Ultimate Content Trello Board – The writing prompts, frameworks, & formulas for when you post or go LIVE, never wonder what to post or say again.
✔ BONUS 3: Lead Generation System -attract qualified leads without any ad spend or fancy tech.
✔ BONUS 4: Cash Injection Workshop – make your investment back with this simple cash injection strategy

You want to confidently know exactly what to say so that you stand out from the crowd as the leader you are and attract dreamy premium clients on repeat.

But "getting there" feels so hard

You feel like you are jumping from one social media platform to the next, providing “value” and being super helpful in 9267 Facebook groups, but you’re still not attracting enough of those dreamy clients, ready to pay your premium prices.

You’re afraid of sounding EXACTLY like every other guru or coach on the planet.

You are currently attracting clients but not all of them show up in a premium way and you end up regretting it. #dreamclientsonly

You are blogging, live streaming, podcasting, and launching but you’re still missing that one thing that will consistently bring you a flow of premium clients without sacrificing all your time. (hint: its your message)

You know you need to charge more but you don’t feel confident charging ONLY premium prices for your services.

You know you are destined to make a greater impact in the world but you feel frustrated because you are not sure how to articulate your genius in a way that connects and convert.

You want a marketing and sales process that gets you predictable results and aligns with your strengths and values, no manipulative bro marketing or icky, pressure filled sales tactics.

I Totally Get It

In 2020, I remember feeling drained and frustrated.

I knew coaching was my calling and I was great at helping my clients transform their lives and business, but I was severely undercharging for my services and burning out in the process.
I was in constant hustle mode, on social media 24/7 giving value like it was going out of style.
I was chasing the next client, implementing the latest bro marketing and sales tactic my coach told me would attract clients but it felt downright icky and disingenuous.

In the midst of it all, I felt like I had to conform to the internet gurus standards to fit in and lost my own unique voice, flare and fire in the process. I sounded like every other coach because I thought that is surely what attracts premium clients right? To top it off, I was neglecting time at the gym and missing family events with the kids so mommy could have “just one more minute” to post another piece of content or go Live in the hopes of landing a new client. Talk about exhausting and unsustainable.

I desired more for myself, for my business, for my family. I didn’t get into this work to become a social media influencer or carbon copy of one.
I wanted to help people change their lives, make a lot of money and have more control over my time so I could spend it with my babies.

I became obsessed with crafting a powerful marketing message unique to me that would connect and convert my audience.
I dropped all my low ticket courses and adopted a high ticket business model.
I created a simple, streamlined strategy that helped me attract and land dreamy clients consistently who paid my high ticket prices.

I cracked the code and figured out a way to have it all

I built a 6-Figure business. I am working 3 days a week and helping clients get great results.

I am a firm believer that you get to have this too

"I am a firm believer that you get to have it all and business gets to be simple."


An Intimate, High Touch, 4 Month Coaching Mastermind to help faith-filled, impact-driven female coaches elevate their message, expand in their thought- leadership & land dreamy premium clients on repeat.


4 PHASE COURSE RESOURCE LIBRARY: The library is a treasure trove of everything you need in messaging, marketing and sales to help you elevate your message, stand out from the crowd as a impact-driven thought leader, land premium clients consistently and scale your business to 6-Figures and beyond.

WEEKLY GROUP COACHING CALLS: get laser focused/hot seat-coaching and all of your questions will be answered, any and all obstacles are addressed!

CONTENT CRITIQUE WORKSHOPS: group calls dedicated specifically to creating content and receiving real time feedback on your content and copy to ensure you are on the right track. We will make sure your content/copy is compelling, strategically positioning you as a leader, and converting your prospects to clients.

PRIVATE VIP FACEBOOK GROUP: Ask your questions and get feedback daily. A highly engaged private community with your new business besties, ambitious, impact-driven women who will help elevate you to your next level in business. Truly an invaluable resource and space for support, growth and fellowship.

Launch Academy/ Assets
Once you have dialed in your messaging and ready to scale to 6-Figures & beyond, you have available to you, everything you need to host a conversion event. The emails, sales pages, promo posts, launch calculator, banner photos, pitch scripts, slide decks, templates, …everything to ensure a successful highly converting 5-Figure+ launch every time!
The Ultimate Content Trello Board
No more guesswork on what content to create that will actually resonate, connect and covert. Everything you need is laid out for you in this ultimate Trello board. You get the writing prompts, frameworks and formulas you can infuse with your unique flare to speak to the minds and hearts of your dreamiest clients every time you post or go LIVE.
Lead Generation System
Access to my proven lead generation system that gets you in front of your perfect fit prospects daily and helps you attract qualified leads without any ad spend or fancy tech. This alone is a major game changer as it give you back so much of your time.
Cash Injection Workshop
Make your investment back in just 7 days or less with this simple yet often overlooked but incredibly effective strategy that also boosts your engagement, re-activates your warm network, lands you clients and puts cash in your pocket NOW. Many of the members in past workshops have signed clients and doubled their income within days of using this strategy alone.



Optimize Your Innovative Offer


Develop Your Irresistible Messaging Strategy


Premium Mindset Upgrades


Develop Your Irresistible Messaging Strategy


You can attract and land premium clients consistently showing up as
YOURSELF unapologetically without bro-marketing, pressure filled sales tactics, a huge audience, a fancy website or a ton of years as a coach.

You can facilitate epic transformations for your clients without spending all of your time behind a computer screen. 

You can create a profitable, scalable & sustainable business while being a busy Mom without sacrificing your health, relationships or self-care.

Greater Income, Impact and Time Freedom is available and possible for you as well.

I want to help you get there.



Kristin S.
Parent Coach

She helps you bring the joy back to your business

Before the Mastermind, I had unsuccessful lunches, & zero one-on-one paying clients. I was coaching for free and I had a few sales from a low ticket course. I knew where I wanted to be. I didn’t know how to get there. One of my biggest fears in joining the Mastermind was the investment, but I knew that this investment was going to get me from where I was currently to where I wanted to be.

I knew that it was going to work and that it was going to be great, but when you only have a low ticket item that is being occasionally purchased, it’s hard to want to invest a couple thousand dollars and it’s kind of scary. And that’s where I was at. I was like, this is all coming in and directly out of my pocket. This is impacting my family directly because I’m not making this kind of money, but I want to be making this kind of money. I had a lack of success in other programs that had similar things, but they didn’t have the framework that Onyinye has.

She taught me to think differently, which got me big results. I got fully booked in my 1:1 and new group coaching program.
If you’re on the fence, I have to say, I have joined other programs, probably like most coaches. I spent a lot of money on a lot of different programs.
Onyinye breaks it down in a way that you can understand, not overwhelming. You can go and apply right away. She is super knowledgeable, gives lots of examples and keeps it simple.
The biggest thing I would say is she helps you bring the joy back to your business. You are just going to see things explode in your life and in your business.
An investment with her is an investment in your future and in your self confidence. It’s going to help you do more of what you love, with the income to match it, which is going to feel better all around.

Every time she tells me to do something and I do it, I get results!

“I went through Onyinye workshops, and then her Mastermind and gained so much knowledge on strategies that work. She took her time in explaining everything when working with us. Every time she tells me to do something and I do it, I get results. Like she always says, you have got to put what you learn into action. 
I re-signed 3 clients at my new price and 2 new high ticket clients immediately after and have gone on to raise my prices, gain greater clarity on who I am and who I serve. I have had my best month in business yet and moved my business forward in leaps. Thank you again Onyinye.”

Florence G,
Parent Coach & Mentor for Teenagers

8 Clients in 2 months plus gained clarity & confidence!

The Gift of Working with the Right Person!

Working with Coach Onyinye was what got me 8 clients in a matter of 2 months when I was not sure which direction to go in my business.

The results were off the chart. I am glad I met Onyinye. She is very authentic. What you see is what you get. She does not sugar-coat her message. She is real. She is an encourager. Finally, she sees your vision sometimes before you do!! If you do your part, you will get great results with Onyinye. Grateful forever!!

I went from $80 a session to a $2500 package, and then $5k package.

When I met Onyinye, I had a good idea of my niche, but figuring out how to get these women to see what I had to offer and pay high ticket for my services was hard. I didn’t have the confidence to charge what I really knew my services were worth so I was constantly discounting it whenever I would get on sales calls.

Onyinye helped me gain the clarity and confidence, I needed to get out of my head and own my expertise and prices. I went from $80 a session to a $2500 package, and then $5k packages without blinking an eye. Now I attract the ideal woman who values my offer and is ready to invest and get results. I made $60k in my recent launch. Onyinye has changed my business tremendously and I am grateful for her coaching.

Genevie P
Relationship Coach

Hema D.,
Finance Coach & Consultant

Hands down, best business investment ever!

Onyinye is a great coach. She made me feel immediately at ease when I first met her and we hit it off. She has a very infectious personality. What I really enjoyed was her dedication to helping me achieve the goals I set out in my business. She was able to break down complex ideas and strategies in a way that made sense. She pushes you in a good way to look at your reflection and be honest about what is actually in the way. With her guidance I was able to sell my first two 1:1 packages and go on to sell four more. My business is now bringing in $30k+ months as a result of what Onyinye taught me.

If you want a coach who cares and knows her stuff look no further. Onyinye is the real deal and hands down, the best business investment ever!

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