Purpose Biz Accelerator

An 8 week group coaching program for Christian female entrepreneurs (coaches, consultants, service-based providers) who want to launch their kingdom business and 

sign their first or next 3 clients.

Doors to the Purpose Biz Accelerator is now Closed.

Are you a Coach, Consultant or Service Based Provider

 starting or struggling to get your business off the ground? 

Let me ask you….

What most intrigues you about entrepreneurship? 

What type of impact do you want to make in the world? 

Do you know who your ideal client is?

Is your business in total alignment with your beliefs and values?

Are you meeting your income goals? 

Do you know how to get clients consistently?

Do you lack clarity on any of these questions?



Does this Sound like you............

Your an amazing purpose-driven high achieving coach, consultant or service based provider who is ready to change lives and launch your kingdom business.


You want to launch successfully, get clients, meet your revenue goals and have a thriving business.


You purchased courses, ebooks, programs, downloaded freebies, and attended every webinar trying to (finally!) get your business off the ground (But that didn’t happen and, after all that time and money spent, you have very little to show for your efforts).


You thought you could figure out this ‘entrepreneurial thing’ on your own (But there are just tooooo many pieces of the puzzle to fit together and you’re spending too much time 20+ hours on your laptop.)

You have lots of really GREAT ideas (But you get easily distracted by the shiny objects and, before you know it, the end of the day comes and you have not really done anything that will move your business forward)


You have to-do lists (maybe a bunch) and you tell yourself ‘today’s the day I’m going to take action on them (But you’re paralyzed with fear, and doubt questioning if this is really the right step? or if you can actually do it. 


You feel like you are running around in circles, throwing spaghetti at the wall, and it wont stick and you know if you just had the right guidance and support, you would be able to get this.

You feel like the best kept secret in the industry because you know your good at what you do and can help people but no one seems to know you exist.


You truly care about making more impact but all you hear is crickets and you feel like the best kept secret in your industry


You may have invested in ads and attempted some of the newest tactics the gurus suggest and it did not work for you.


You’ve seen other women succeed and you’re ready to become a success too (But you’re confused how to get there and you’re not sure which program can really get you there)


You’ve seen other women succeed and you’re ready to become a success too (But you’re confused how to get there and you’re not sure which program can really get you there)

Guess What? I get it

What was missing?

You never had the guidance, proven strategies, support and accountability in place for success.
You didn't have someone to show you the way
and shorten the path.


Waking up knowing what you need to focus on in your business to attract clients and generate revenue. 


Being in total alignment with your purpose, mission, vision, values, and why.


Being crystal clear on who your ideal client is, where to find them and what problem you solve for them.


Creating content and an offer that speaks to your ideal client and brings them in like hot cakes, no more chasing people down.


Establishing yourself as the go to expert in your niche.


Knowing exactly what to do daily in your business to get clients and meet your revenue goals without spending hours glued to your laptop.


Having a solid plan of action to help you successfully launch your business.

100% confident & in total alignment with your offers & price


Knowing how to consistently bring in new clients. No more feast and famine.


Getting on sales calls with ease and confidence from a place of service.


Making the impact, having the income and time freedom you desire all while fulfilling the calling God has placed on your heart.



All This and More is Possible....

I understand how you are feeling and what you are going through, that was my experience not too long ago...

I see so many amazing women who truly want to make an impact; frustrated and overwhelmed because they do NOT know which steps to take, what strategies to use and how to get clients


It does not have to be that way. 


I created the Purpose Biz Accelerator because having a thriving successful business is possible! 


A comprehensive coaching & mentoring program for women of faith, providing structure, accountability, strategy, mindset & support. 


This program is an in-depth road-map put together with purpose and love, to include everything you need to build the foundations of a profitable business without stress or overwhelm.


It’s time to fulfill all that God has called you to.


Self-employment though Entrepreneurship is the ultimate form of self-empowerment once you have the right foundation in place. 


Learn from my experience 


I have been there, done that and

 I want to help you shorten the gap,  

eliminate the frustration and headache 

 by giving you everything you need through 

proven step-by-step (strategy, systems, mindset and tools) to be successful.


If you are ready to launch and sign your first or next 3 clients



Book a Call, fill out the questions

and lets make this thing happen

What you can expect to learn

Purpose Biz Framework


What you Get.......



Your Investment

One payment of $1297


4 bi-weekly payments of $397

**BONUS – First 3 women to join receive a private 1:1 Coaching Session (valued @$350

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