Purpose to Profit
Client NOW Accelerator

A 12-week experience for Christian female coaches, consultants & service-based providers who want to consistently sign more clients and start making 5-Figures in their kingdom business even if they are just starting off.

Doors are Closed for the Year to be put on the waiting list fill out the application and you will be notified when the next round begins
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Over the next 12 weeks, I will dive deep into YOUR business and help you design, implement and scale a strategy so you can…


Regularly Land Dream Clients…


​Predictably Grow Your Revenue…


​Establish Yourself As An Industry Expert…


​Never Wonder Where Your Next Client Is…


​Make Confident Business Decisions…


​Get “Un-Stuck” And Start Making Real Progress…



The Purpose to Profit Accelerator is not a course that’ll sit in some folder on your computer left to collect imaginary dust.

This is a hands on’s action-oriented group coaching program filled with highly ambitious Christ-centered women who will keep you accountable to doing the WORK. 


Once you learn how to effectively create a process and system that easily brings in new leads and you master how to convert them into buyers no matter the economic times then, you’ll succeed.


Wake up every day knowing exactly what to do to move your business forward and land clients so you can start seeing sales.

Week 1: Nov. 3rd

We set your revenue goal and create a tangible plan of action for achieving it. I break down how you will be applying Authentic Marketing to your business to achieve your revenue goals. We create your mission, vision and values statements. We then solidify your business idea and clearly identify the one big problem that you solve and the outcome you get. This is the foundation for your messaging and marketing. It could mean the difference between crickets and cash.



Week 2, Nov. 10th: 

We identify your profitable niche, who has the problem you solve and wants it solved and is willing to pay for it. We identify the demographic information and psychographics (what do they desire, what keeps them up at night, what is their buying habits, where do they hang out, how is the problem showing up and impacting them in their lives ect) Understanding your avatar on a deep level ensures you are speaking directly to them in your content and marketing in a way that powerfully connects, no more confusion just sales


Week 3, Nov 17th 

I walk you step by step through the strategy I use to tap into your avatar psychology while signing clients immediately and also collecting data which will be used for your content creation, offer creation and messaging.


Integration Week 4: Nov 24th—– No session or call



Week 5, Dec 1st:

We package and price your transformational offer(s). We identify what is the specific, tangible, measurable outcome or Big Promise of your offer. We craft and create your signature process or tweak what you currently have to make it stand out in the market place. We create a no fluff marketing message around your offer so it clearly speaks to your ideal client desires and makes you the only obvious choice for your audience to invest in.


Week 6, Dec 8th: 

We focus on content creation and delivery. I show you how to write results statements that connect with your target audience in a way that makes them “stop the scroll” and pay attention (finally!). No more guess work on what to post, how to post, when to post ect. I share with you my formula and structure for creating content in flow that speaks directly to your avatar and gets them to take action. I also show you how to increase engagement, 2x your audience growth and beat the Facebook algorithm so you get more eyes on your content.


Week 7, Dec 15th: 

We craft your personal brand story and brand guide or tweak it as needed. I also help you craft your “I help statement”  one sentence that will clearly define who you serve and how you can change their life in a way that’s crystal clear to your target audience. We then optimize your social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) for conversions. This will set the tone and perception your audience will have about you and your business and position you as an expert & authority in your niche.


Week 8, Integration Week: Dec 22nd– No session or Call



Week 9, Dec 29th: 

We focus on crafting your irresistible lead magnet to increase your leads and grow your audience. We focus on putting together your simple profile funnel and email marketing sequence to nurture your leads- because you don’t own any of the social platforms you want to have your own platform for continual connection and growth with your leads


Week 10, January 5th 

We focus on the mindset and frame for conducting an authentic sales call. I help you craft your own unique sales script, so you no longer feel salesy, awkward or uncomfortable. I show you how to handle objections and pre-sell and pre-qualify prospects ahead of time so as to decrease the chances of objections and increase close rates.


Week 11, January 12th: 

We create a specific strategic plan of action to help you increase your reach, continue growing your audience and signing more clients whether that’s being a podcast guest, speaking on stage(virtually), connecting with partnerships ect. I review the steps to onboard your clients and serve them at the highest level so they are giving you testimonials and referring you to friends without you even asking.


Week 12, January 19th

We create a step by step marketing plan for you to follow along with the blueprint to help you scale to 6-figures and beyond.



Instant Access to 9 Online Framework Mastery Modules and video library filled with step-by step worksheets, videos and audio trainings and resources


Access to Coaching Support and Accountability in a Private Facebook group and a Daily Accountability Tracker


Weekly 90-minute LIVE Coaching Call with Q&A


Weekly 60-minute Mindset with Emphasis on Scripture Coaching Call


BONUS #1- Pitch Scripts for landing interviews on radio, tv, podcasts or joint partnerships


BONUS #2- 90 days worth of Content Planner Templates & Headlines that Convert


BONUS #3- Lead Magnet plug & play templates and Nurture Sequence email script 


BONUS #4 – Ultimate high converting WEBINAR template


Everything you need will be at your fingertips...





you don’t have a business.



You have a hobby.

Harsh I know but girl it’s the truth.


And I know that’s not what God called you to

or what you had in mind when you decided to step into entrepreneurship and monetize on your message.

Does this Sound Familiar............

You are randomly posting on all the social media platforms because your not sure where your ideal clients are or who they really are so all you hear is crickets


You thought you could figure out this ‘entrepreneurial thing’ on your own (But there are just tooooo many pieces of the puzzle to fit together and you’re spending too much time 20+ hours on your laptop.)


Your watching webinars, blogging, scanning Youtube, downloading every freebie and trying to implement whatever new strategy the gurus are selling that month yet still no clients but instead your just more confused, frustrated and totally overwhelmed?


You feel like the best kept secret in your industry because you know your purpose and calling from God is meant to change lives and have massive impact but you cant seem to get any clients and create the wealth that can allow you to quit your job and have the financial security and time freedom you desire?


You have seen other kingdom women be successful in their businesses and wondering how they did it and how you can make it happen for you?

Listen sista I get it

You are not alone and its not your fault

Most entrepreneurs struggle. They don't know where to start,
what to focus on, and whether or not they're making progress.

They don't have the guidance, proven strategies, support and accountability in place for success.

They don't have someone to show them the way
and shorten the path.


Establishing yourself as the go-to expert in your niche.



Knowing exactly what to do daily in your business to sign clients and meet your revenue goals without spending hours glued to your computer.



Getting on sales calls & closing more often with ease and confidence.


Creating content and offers that speaks to your ideal client and brings them in like hot cakes, no more chasing people down.


Having a solid plan of action and blueprint to hit 6-Figures.

Making the impact, generating wealth and having the time freedom you desire, all while fulfilling the calling God has placed on your heart.


All This and More is Possible....

Hi there , I am Onyinye Anike

When I took the plunge over a year ago and decided to get my Coaching certification, leave my job and start my coaching business after my son was born, I knew I wanted to make a difference, income and have the freedom to have more time with my kids. 


I felt so optimistic about my business but that soon turned to frustration, dismay and overwhelm. Instead of more impact, income and freedom, I was glued to my laptop and phone 24/7 trying to get noticed in the online space so I could sign clients. 


I felt invisible, stuck, trapped by imposter syndrome and comparison as I watched others have success. I had the website, logo, certification and I was posting content so what was I missing? I enrolled in several programs but their approach was not in alignment for me, my beliefs and my lifestyle.


It was when I hit rock bottom that I decided something had to change and that’s when I started focusing on creating a process that helped me bring in clients like clockwork but in order to do this successfully, I realized the foundation for my business was not solid and I had to go back and clarify my message, own my authentic voice, embrace my zone of genius and focus only on revenue-generating activities. 


The results were less time stuck on my laptop, more clients, and $15k after a long dry spell of $0 months.


I figured out how to make business simple, cutting out the fluff and extra busywork, and focusing on only the things that really matter in signing clients and growing my business. 


That’s how the Purpose to Profit Client NOW Accelerator was conceived..

This experience sparked my desire to help other Christian female entrepreneurs  learn the steps to creating an authentic profitable and sustainable business so they can make IMPACT, create WEALTH AND leave a LEGACY.



Instant Access to 9 Online Framework Mastery Modules and video library filled with step-by step worksheets, videos and audio trainings and resources

$8,000 Value


Access to Coaching Support and Accountability in a Private Facebook group and a Daily Accountability Tracker

$850 Value


Weekly 90-minute LIVE Coaching Call with Q&A

$6000 Value


Weekly 60-minute Mindset w/ Emphasis on Scripture Coaching Call

$2000 Value


BONUS #1- Pitch Scripts for landing interviews on radio, tv, podcasts or joint partnerships

$250 Value


BONUS #2- 90 days worth of Content Planner Templates & Headlines that Convert

$1500 Value


BONUS #3- Lead Magnet plug & play templates and Nurture Sequence email script 

$750 Value


BONUS #4 – Ultimate high converting WEBINAR template

$250 Value



Your investment is not even a quarter of the VALUE 

and payment plan options are available. 




2 month & 4 month payment plans available


Apply today and start signing clients and

 hitting 5-Figure months before the end of 2020

There are ONLY 12 Spots available Doors close Tuesday, November 3rd @ midnight

By th end of the Purpose to Profit Accelerator you will Have.....

  • A powerful marketing message that resonates with your dream client.

  • A suite of irresistible transformational offers that converts leads into buyers

  • Content created using my secret authentic marketing formula that has prospects asking how to work with you.

  • Increased your close rates on sales calls

  • Grown your audience of raving fans ready to pull out their wallets

  • Be generating leads daily and signing clients consistently

  • The step by step blueprint to grow and scale to 6-figures and beyond.



  • Your an action taker and resourceful (what I teach works, but only if you are willing to step up and implement fully)
  • Your amazing at what you do and want to build a profitable, thriving business with like-minded women.
  • You want a personalized game plan, strategy and mindset work that will ensure your success and ability to scale when ready.
  • You know that time is the most important asset and recognize that your investing in getting to where you want to be faster and simpler without spending hours glued to your computer screen trying to figure it out so you can spend time focused on what really matters.



You are NOT an action taker and instead just consume information with no plan to implement

Your looking for an easy fix and not willing to do the work

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