Episode 15- How to set a goal. As we come to the beginning of a new year, many of us set a new years resolution on a goal we wish to meet or accomplish. While many are well intentioned, very few people statistically actually follow through with these goals. The reason is because they set …

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Ep. 14 How to price your offers and services. You have the service or coaching package created and ready to go but you get stuck trying to figure out exactly how do you determine the price. What should you or could you charge for your services that feels good to you and is ethical? Its …

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Ep. 13 How to get coaching clients. I know the one thing I get asked all the time is how do I get clients? Well in this Bonus episode, i give you 15, yes you read that right different revenue generating marketing activities to land you coaching clients. Take a look and start implementing on …

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Episode 12: Four ways to generate passive income Having a passive stream of income in your business is a great way to boost your revenue without having to dedicate your time and energy. In today’s episode, I share four ways (courses, affiliates, digital products, membership/subscriptions) to generate passive income and how to set it up …

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Episode 11: Holiday Special- Jesus is the Reason for the Season Christmas is my favorite holiday-¬† to take time off to spend with family, to rest and rejuvenate and reflect. To practice gratitude even for the smallest things in life. And most of all remember and to honor our Lord and Savior Jesus birth. I …

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Ep. 10

Episode 10: How to Overcoming Perfectionism¬† Perfectionism can be so detrimental to our progress because it keeps us stuck, paralyzed and unable to take action. We end up overthinking because whatever we do needs to be perfect. This unrealistic expectation is the killer of progress and stifles our creativity and ability to be innovative.¬† I …

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Ep. 9

Episode 9: The 4 Core Areas People Will Always Invest In No Matter What’s Happening in the World There are 4 categories that meet specific human needs that people will always invest in no matter the economic climate. I share what they are, some examples and why you should figure out where your business falls …

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Episode 7: The 3 Stages of Awareness in your Avatar Do you know that there are three stages of awareness in which your ideal client could be in? I share what those are and which stage you want to focus your time, attention and energy on when messaging and creating content so your making sales …

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Ep. 6

Episode 6: Are you being Busy or Productive? Join me as I share the difference between busy and productive and which one you may be doing and why. Hint: Busy disguises itself as productive but dont worry I have a very simple way of helping you figure it out and get back into doing productive …

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