The Impact-Driven Coach Mastermind

An intimate 3-month experience for ambitious, impact-driven coaches, consultants & experts, who want to upgrade their message and leverage irresistible conversion events to land premium clients with certainty and confidence forever

Onyinye Anike, Social media strategy for busy moms, high ticket sales, business coach, confidence coach for women, Christian coaches

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Whatch This First

To the amazing coach dreaming about being fully booked
with premium clients

I see you ...

I believe it's simply NOT okay that heart-centered, impact-driven Coaches have to constantly hustle & sacrifice their mental and physical health in order to attract premium clients consistently.

i've been in your shoes

I understand what it's like to be amazing at what you do but not know how to be heard above the noise so you can consistently land premium clients without spending all your time stuck on social media
This is why I've helped dozens of ambitious, high-achieving coaches and experts get clear on their message, raise their prices, gain more visibility, simplify their marketing & master their sales so they consistently land premium clients & hit their revenue goals without using ads, complicated funnels or spending hours on social media.

Just like these incredible

- Hema D.
Finance Coach & Legal Consultant

Hands down, best business investment ever!

Onyinye is a great coach. She made me feel immediately at ease when I first met her and we hit it off. She has a very infectious personality. What I really enjoyed was her dedication to helping me achieve the goals I set out in my business. She was able to break down complex ideas and strategies in a way that made sense. She pushes you in a good way to look at your reflection and be honest about what is actually in the way. With her guidance I was able to sell my first two 1:1 packages and go on to sell four more. My business is now bringing in $30k+ months as a result of what Onyinye taught me.

If you want a coach who cares and knows her stuff look no further Onyinye is the real deal and hands down, the best business investment ever!

Onyinye helped me grow my confidence in running my business.

“I worked with Onyinye to get my business up and running and she was amazing! Before I started working with Onyinye I had an idea of my niche but was not sure who my ideal client would be and how to get my message out to them.

She helped me get clear on my ideal client and come up with the message I wanted to send out in order to attract these clients in an authentic way. Working with her has helped grow my confidence in running my business.”

Onyinye Anike, Social media strategy for busy moms, high ticket sales, business coach, confidence coach for women, Christian coaches
-Lisa D
Executive & Productivity Coach
– Joan B
Career Coach

I am now consistently having $10k- $15k months

The greatest part of working with Onyinye has been her patience and openness. She will take the time to help you understand what she teaches. Working with her helped me move my career coaching from 1:1 to group format so I could reach more women and better preserve my time especially as a busy mom and professional. This was important to me. Having clarity on my niche, my messaging and what I should focus on, helped me gain the confidence to reach out and secure several clients in a matter of weeks. I am now consistently having $10k- $15k months.

Kristin is a Parent Coach. When we started working together she had already invested heavily in  several other coaching programs but still wasn’t getting the results she wanted. Kristin joined the Mastermind and went from frustrated with no paid clients to doubling her prices, booking out her coaching business and reclaiming joy.

Hear her story…

Rae signed $68K in 3 months with just a handful of premium clients
Onyinye Anike, Social media strategy for busy moms, high ticket sales, business coach, confidence coach for women, Christian coaches
Juliana’s mastermind has been incredible. In being able to understand and feel held by Juliana in the container, I learned how to deepen that emotional holding for myself, which immediately transferred into how I hold space for my clients.

It’s crazy when I think about the ripple effect and the numbers. I was ready for the next level and it was Juliana who helped me go for it.

Rae Irelan - Soulful Business Strategist
Lucia went from $10K months to $20K months working with less clients
Onyinye Anike, Social media strategy for busy moms, high ticket sales, business coach, confidence coach for women, Christian coaches
This mastermind has been such a catalyzer in both my personal and professional life. I love being in the midst of amazing souls that have the courage to keep striving for more. Thank you, Juliana, for showing the way for me to keep winning.

Lucia Fernandez - Piano Teacher For Children of High Net Worth Families
Eugenia signed a client at $96K with ease
I’m one of those over-achievers who always does everything herself, but I knew I needed an incredible coach to get where I was going. The support in Juliana’s mastermind was multi-layered and the interaction was so heartfelt. In the last few weeks of the mastermind, I signed a $96K client contract and it felt SO easy. Then I went on to have a $250K launch!

The big shift for me was feeling liberated to talk about what I actually wanted to talk about and allow the message I had in me to come out.

Eugenia Oganova - Wealth Energetics Coach


Most Coaches think that to land premium
clients consistently...

You need to:
Buy expensive ads
Launch every week
Create 30 days email sequence
Spend hours in facebook groups
Cold pitch strangers in the dm
create complex funnels & tech

Post Sporadically on Every
Social media platform

I’m Here To Tell You

What if I told you your coaching business could be SIMPLE and you could attract & land premium clients consistently.

And that you could hit your revenue goals of $10k, $30k+ each month in a lot less time without sacrificing what matters most?

Because the truth is attracting and landing premium clients can be simple.

It does not have to take months, complex strategies, funnels or ads to make it happen.

The only thing standing between you and more dreamy premium clients consistently is .....

a clear and compelling marketing message, high value offer, and simple easeful strategy that infuses your unique genius and strengths to consistently attract and land dream clients in a powerful way.

Onyinye Anike, Social media strategy for busy moms, high ticket sales, business coach, confidence coach for women, Christian coaches
-Florence G
Homeschool Consultant and Mentor for Teenagers

8 Clients in 2 months plus gained clarity & confidence!

The Gift of Working with the Right Person!

Working with Coach Onyinye was what got me 8 clients in a matter of 2 months when I was not sure which direction to go in my business.

The results were off the chat.  I am glad I met Onyinye. She is very authentic. What you see is what you get. She does not sugar-coat her message. She is real. She is an encourager. Finally, she sees your vision sometimes before you do!! If you do your part, you will get great results with Onyinye. Grateful forever!!

I went from $80 a session to a $2500 package, and then $5k package without blinking an eye..

When I met Onyinye, I had a good idea of who my niche was, but figuring out how to get these women to see what I had to offer and pay high ticket for my services was hard. I didn’t have the confidence to charge what I really knew my services were worth so I was constantly discounting it whenever I would get on sales calls.

Onyinye helped me gain the clarity and confidence, I needed to get out of my head and own my expertise and prices. I went from $80 a session to a $2500 package, and then $5k packages without blinking an eye. Now I attract the ideal woman who values my offer and is ready to invest and get results. I made $60k in my recent launch. Onyinye has changed my business tremendously and I am grateful for her coaching.

Onyinye Anike, Social media strategy for busy moms, high ticket sales, business coach, confidence coach for women, Christian coaches
- Geneivie P
Relationship Coach
Onyinye Anike, Social media strategy for busy moms, high ticket sales, business coach, confidence coach for women, Christian coaches
- Carol F
High Performance Coach

Every time she tells me to do something and I do it, I get results! I re-signed 3 clients and signed 2 new clients and continue to raise my prices!

I went through Onyinye  workshops and then Mastermind, and gained so much knowledge on strategies that work. She took her time in explaining everything when working with us. Every time she tells me to do something and I do it, I get results. Like she always says, you have got to put what you learn into action. I re-signed 3 clients and 2 new client immediately after and have gone on to raise my prices, gain greater clarity on who I am and who I serve. I have had my best month in business yet and moved my business forward in leaps. Thank you again Onyinye

That’s why I created the Magnetize & Monetize Method.
In it, I combine my 10+ years of experience in direct response copywriting, human psychology, marketing, and sales with the piece that’s missing:
Expressed in a clear marketing message that magnetizes the most delightful clients you’ve ever worked with.
And this hasn’t just worked for me.
It’s worked for hundreds of my clients.
Jessica signed her first $120K client using Juliana’s framework.
I signed a client at $120K. She is in one of the groups I’m in where I posted just once using Juliana’s framework. The call was easy. It was like chatting with an old friend with her saying, “I have to work with you and how synchronistic the timing is.” She said I was exactly what she needed and signed up. No objections.

Jessica Fenton - Quantum Leap Guide
TaVona went from making $40K in 12 months to $102K in 3 months
The first time I came in contact with Juliana’s brilliance was in the Magnetize and Monetize Mastermind, resulting in a $102K launch.

My favorite part of working with her is how she is always offering “upgrades” in how we think of ourselves, our value and our clients. That alone is worth the investment!

TaVona Denise – Life & Business Coach
Caitlin hit her first 6-figure year - thanks to Juliana’s mastermind.
Since joining the mastermind I hit my first 6-figure year. Now I feel so confident in what I offer and who I am as a business coach. I believe anybody who joins forces with Juliana gets brought into her jetstream, and expansion is the only possible result. The return is going to be 10-20 times the investment. It’s literally a no-brainer.

Caitlin Naramore – Modern Queen Business Coach

The Impact-Driven Entrepreneur Mastermind

An intimate 3-month experience for ambitious coaches, consultants & experts, who want to clarify their message and leverage their unique genius to land premium clients with certainty and confidence consistently.

It's not your average mastermind

The Last Marketing & Sales Program You'll Ever Need

From mindset to marketing and a solid sales process... you’ll learn how to tie it all together so you can maximize your impact and preserve your energy and time.

Specific Soulful, Money-Making Copywriting Formulas

Nothing else out there goes this deep into copywriting strategies to help you connect with your ideal clients on a soul level and convert with grace.

This skill alone will forever make you money.

Zero Fluff. Short Actionable Videos.

No Fluff and No Information Overload. You get exactly what you need, short actionable videos for busy mamas on the go, so you can implement and get results quickly.

Intimate & High Touch Support

No other mastermind offers the level of INTIMACY and personalized high touch support and attention you get here. There are 10 spots in total, and you get a private 1:1 session each month with me so I can fully support, guide, and coach you every step of the way.

Never Feel "Behind"

I’ve carefully designed this mastermind to focus on ACTION. You get one week of implementation each week so you have time to integrate the information and catch up if life gets in the way, which happense and is totally okay.

Get The Answers And Support You Actually Need

Every one of my clients always walks away satisfied and with EXACTLY what they came for.

12 x weekly live group strategy calls with me where you can get intensive coaching to help you implement the weekly modules around your message, marketing, and sales strategies and breakdown the barriers to your success (Value $12,000)
12-month access to the modules, templates, and playbooks so you have plenty of time to implement and never have to buy another marketing or sales program again (Value $20,000)
A highly engaged private Facebook community with your new business besties, and fellow impact-driven ambitious women who will help elevate you to your next level in business and in life. Truly an invaluable resource and space for support growth and fellowship. (Value $2,000)
​​​Access to my proven lead generation system that helps you attract qualified leads without any ads (Value $2,500 + NO FB AD SPEND!)
3 x private 1:1 strategy calls to dive deep into YOUR business and unique needs/strategy so you get the high touch support and personalized attention you need to be fully guided, supported and coached all the way to achieving your goals. (Value $3,000)
My signature Launch Academy to help you sell out your offers and become that high-demand coach you’ve envisioned. This is how my clients fall back in love with their business again while hitting their income goals! (Value $5,000)


Make your investment back in just 30 days with pure strategy that will boost your engagement, tap into your warm network, land you clients and put cash in your pocket NOW. Many of the members in past workshops have signed clients and doubled their income using this strategy alone.

​​​​​Value: $2,500

​​​​​Expert Visibility Strategy, Pitch Scripts & Over 100+ Media & Podcasts Resource Bank

Learn how to land spots in media and podcasts and leverage it to get in front of more of your ideal clients. The visibility strategy enhances and amplifies your credibility, authority and elevates your positioning so you are seen as the go to expert in your industry. It will help you rise above the noise, which means more eyeballs on your high ticket offer and services.

​​​​​Value: $3,000


Plug and play templates and frameworks so you can put content out consistently without losing momentum, or wondering what to say to move the needle forward. No more guessing on your posts or LIVEs, feel confident knowing that every post is selling for you.
Value: $1,000

Everything you need and more to launch your LIVE virtual event (Masterclass or Challenge) and fill your programs in no time. This includes a Trello Board & short videos with step-by-step instructions taking you from pre-launch, to launch and post-launch and everything in-between including email templates, social media posts, graphic assets, messenger scripts, over 15 strategies to increase engagement and sales during your launch. Value: $10,000

TOTAL VALUE : $53,000

But your investment is just a fraction of that....

Pay in Full: $4000

3-month payment plan: $1,500

Extended 5-month payment plan: $997

TOTAL VALUE : $53,000

But your investment is just a fraction of that....

Pay in Full: $4000

3-month payment plan: $1,500

Extended 5-month payment plan: $997

WHEN I FINALLY HAD MY FIRST 5-FIGURE MONTH,L INSTEAD OF EXCITED AND OVERJOYED, I was burnt out, stressed out, and on the verge of quitting!

My relationship with my husband was strained, my health was in shambles and I was feeling a lot of mom guilt and shame because I wasn’t fully present for my kids. What a lot of coaches won’t tell you is that while they’re growing their business, spending hours on social media working to hit their income goals, they’re missing out on family time, dinners, kids after school events because they’re working.

Their marriages and relationships are on the brink of failing… they are putting their physical, mental, spiritual & emotional health on the back burner because they’re so focused on landing that next clients and hitting their revenue goals.. they won’t tell you that they’re crying themselves to sleep at night.

They won’t tell you that. !

But what I’ll tell you is this.

I used to be that ambitious coach that was so focused on building wealth that I compromised a lot of things I cared about. But that’s not me anymore and I don’t want that to be you. My focus is to help you prioritize your values WHILE creating a business that you love. We’re going to take a holistic look at taking care of YOU first before we talk about making money.

That’s why the M.O.M.S.S method was created. When I learned how to restructure my business model to only focus on ONE high ticket offer, simplified and streamlined my process and strategy, worked on healing and up leveling my mindset and took a holistic approach to business is when everything changed. I am able to consistently land premium clients and hit my 5-Figure month goals month after month without hustle or burn out but with simplicity and ease working with only amazing dream clients. No more sacrificing my health or relationships.

And when I started sharing this with my clients, they started to see the same results.

And this didn’t just work for me.
Here are some of my clients’ results…
They signed premium clients and booked out their offers by clarifying their message
From underpricing to making
consistent 6-figure months
Multiple 6-figure year just by
following the framework
6 figures in contracts signed
with the most aligned clients

Unlock your Genius and Tap into your Potential & Power to Become Unstoppable

You will learn the powerful tool to help you up-level your thoughts so you can become the CEO, Leader, and Business Owner you were called to be. I will help you unlock your unique essence and learn the simple mindset shifts needed to create an extraordinary life and business so you never doubt what’s possible again. You will have a clear understanding of what you want and the goals you have for your business and create a strategic plan to achieve it.

Define, Align & Elevate to Premium Clients

We define, refine & align your unique genius & solution with the best fit elevated version of your client who VALUES the outcome you provide and will pay a premium for it. I teach you how to start attracting these soul-aligned clients quickly so you can sign your first few clients.

Design & Optimize your Signature Offer & Price with Integrity

We create, structure, and/or re-package your unique genius into a signature methodology only you have, whether it’s a 1:1 or group program, that will elevate your positioning & differentiate you from other coaches in the marketplace. I show you how to confidently & with integrity raise your prices & charge a premium rate while releasing any scarcity mindset or money stories that no longer serve you. Time to be in full abundance.

Integration Week

Time to catch up on the lessons, implement and get personalized 1:1 coaching

Master Your Messaging and Positioning in the Marketplace

We clarify your messaging so it’s clear, concise and compelling. We focus on your positioning using my 4 part positioning framework to help you stand out from the rest, be seen as the go-to expert in your niche, and attract more of your ideal high value clients.

Creating Content that Authentically Connects and Converts

We create highly converting content whether its posts or LIVES that speaks only to the dream clients in your audience in a way that will draw them to you & have them reach out to learn more about working with you. I teach you the 3 pillars of content creation including infusing storytelling, which creates a deeper connection with your audience. This process is simple to implement and serve as a salesperson for you, selling your offers.

Audience Growth and Lead Generation

I teach you a simple process that will help you attract high-quality leads on autopilot every single day so you no longer have to chase people or spend hours in a billion other Facebook groups with a simple post or LIVE.. Once you master this you can automate it to save time.

I will show you how to grow your audience offline as well, land clients at in-person networking events, and quickly grow your email list. You’ll master the 12 types of posts that have helped me scale to 5-figure months consistently and learn how to master Live video to get your calendar fully booked with sale calls.

Integration Week

And Private 1:1 call

Sales with a Servant Heart

Learn how to confidently hold space for and be a stance for your prospects greatness with my soulful sales structure and script. I show you how to ensure you are only getting on calls with those who are truly a good fit, by applying my simple process that pre-qualifies, pre-motivates & pre-sells prospects prior to them jumping on sales calls with you so that objections are all but eliminated & you can confidently enroll them as an easy “YES” in less time. This simple framework and process will increase your conversion rates & give you back more time in your day…no more hour-long calls. 

Client Centric Onboarding and WOW Experience

I show you how to onboard & provide a wow experience for your clients that gets them massive results from the beginning. Focusing on clients experience and results leads to them giving you amazing testimonials, referrals & resigning with you. This creates sustainability and ensures that you are able to scale your business with ease and even pause marketing if you want.

Simple Systems to Scale with Ease - Conversion Events

I show you how to take everything you learned in this Mastermind and apply it to whichever strategy you want to use in order to scale quickly and efficiently. This could be using a webinar, 3-5 day LIVE launch, or content/email launch strategy. I give you all the assets and I show you how to rinse and repeat the strategy that works best for you. We create your 6-Figure Business blueprint for scale.

WEEK 12:

Integration Week

and Private 1:1 Session

This is an application-only mastermind
with ONLY 12 SPOTS

It wouldn’t be a premium program without a premium price tag, but you know investing in yourself brings BIG returns.


12 x live group strategy calls
Access to the modules, templates, playbooks, content calendar, and launch method
Facebook group
Personalized copy coaching
Magnetic Activation And Energy Acceleration
Custom Hypnotic Track
Facebook Lives That Sell

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Here are some answers to the most common questions people ask before
joining the Impact-Driven Mastermind:

Whether you are at the $2k per month mark or $20k per month mark this Mastermind has been designed for coaches, consultants and experts who are already creating amazing transformations for their clients, but want to consistently land PREMIUM clients.

You’ve already served a few clients and you want to create a simple business model where you’re selling at a high ticket price point. You want to create a premium business model that can take you to 5-Figure+ months and 6-Figure years working less and in a shorter amount of time.

Yes. This program is going to show you how to create high demand for your 1:1 and high-ticket group offers, using my Launch Academy step by step process. You will learn how to run a 90 minute masterclass/webinar or 3-5 day challenge, whichever makes the most sense for your business. Please note, you do not have to launch if you don’t feel ready as you will be learning how to create powerful, compelling content to sell for you, but you will have everything you need at your finger tips if you eventually decide to.

This is the process my clients have used to create their own launches (Masterclass, 3-5 day virtual events) and you’ll get a step-by-step behind-the-scenes guide (pre-launch, launch and post-launch) assets, templates, scripts, emails and PowerPoint slides, everything you need. Including, how I am able to consistently and easefully hit 5-Figures every time I launch

The next round starts September 2022.

You do not have to wait till the group coaching starts to begin however, the minute you get accepted and pay, you have full access to all the modules so you can go at your own pace and consume and implement on the lessons. This will give you a great head start. Previous clients who have started before the Mastermind begins have made their money back and signed clients with the first lesson, so my advice is to not wait. Jump right in 🙂

Great question.

I  believe that each of my clients is a powerful woman of God with unlocked potential they can tap into to create the life and business they desire and are called to. My role is to be the guide and mentor to help each client uncover and make decisions from that wealth of knowledge and experience they have. I tell it like it is with love and I don’t sugar coat anything. I give 100% to the coaching relationship and ask my clients to do the same. I don’t hand hold but I will support you through the storms and hold space for all parts of you to elevate into the premium coach you were always meant to become.

Don’t worry, you won’t be watching hours and hours of long boring trainings. I get that your busy.

You’ll get short actionable videos each about (10-20 mins)  weekly that will guide you to implement the revenue-generating activities to attract and land premium clients.

You’ll have LIVE 90-minute group calls every week with me, to help you refine what you’ll learn in the modules including access to replays.

Plus 3 private 1:1 calls with me to solidify how to incorporate, integrate and implement specifically for YOUR business.

Plus an integration week every month for you to catch up and focus on taking action.

Great question! I totally get it and have been in your shoe before.

Heck  most of my clients were also in other programs when they made the decision to work together.


I understand what its like to invest and yet feel like your not getting the result you want. I 100% believe you should get the most from your investments, however if your not where you want to be then ask yourself why? “What is missing”?

I want to offer you the idea that every course you have bought, program and coach you have worked with in the past has been preparing you for this moment and this Mastermind. Everything you have experienced prior has set the stage for your growth and has helped you learn what works for you and what does not. What would it look like to give yourself permission to forgive yourself and release any shame, blame or guilt you have felt over other things that may not have worked in the past?


What makes this Mastermind different is the intimate support you get both from me (1:1) and from the Mastermind members. I cover everything you need to successfully create a thriving and sustainable business without hustle. I also don’t believe in fitting anyone into a box or one size fits all approach… Each of my clients gets a personalized plan / strategy for their business based on their goals, strengths and level. What works for one person may not necessarily be the best for another and that’s okay, my job is to uncover what that is for you and help you run with it to the bank.

This mastermind program has been specifically designed for experienced coaches, experts AND consultants who want to consistently attract and land PREMIUM clients.

That means whether you’re a life coach, parent coach, relationship coach, OR you’re a photographer, web designer, digital marketer, or anyone who sells a high-level service – this program will work for you.

If you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to ask.

Yes! once your mastermind application is accepted and you have paid your first installment (or paid in full), you will have access to ALL the materials in the program immediately so you can get started straight away.

You can dive right into module 1 BONUS where you get an opportunity to make your money back with the Cash Injection Workshop training.

There’s SO much value in the content that you won’t find anywhere else, including step -by-step guide on how to hit 5-Figures with your launches, how to write compelling magnetic content that converts plus BONUS material on landing media and podcast spots to help elevate your authority and expand your reach.

Trust me, you’ll want to dive in there as soon as you can!

Absolutely. This is where so much of the magic happens.

Its incredibly important to connect, bounce ideas off of, learn from and surround yourself with other amazing impact-driven women. The community is a space to support each other as well as elevate each other to new heights within your businessess. 

You’ll get to learn from the questions your peers ask and see the masterful minds in this group come up with solutions.

I will be giving you feedback and responding to all your questions within 24 hours.

When you click that ‘APPLY’ button, you’re going to be taken to a questionnaire and it will have a few questions for you to answer about your business so I can better determine if the Mastermind would be a good fit.

Once you submit the form I will review it and send you an email either to book a call or chat in the DM depending on what makes the most sense.

On this call, we will dive deeper into your business and ensure it’s a good fit to work together. Because I work very closely and intimately with each member, its very important to me that its a good fit and I can support you achieve the results you seek in your business. 

If it isn’t a good fit no worries, you will still gain clarity and a ton of value-packed resources for your business.

This program is FOR YOU if...

You’re a coach (health, relationships, finances, parenting) or consultant (photographer, digital marketer) or expert known for giving clients amazing results.
You know you could do this alone but you want to collapse the timeline and accelerate your results.
You're a fast- action taker and a go-getter (what I teach inside this mastermind 100% works, but only if you work it).
You’re attracting clients but, whether you’re at $2K months or $10K months, you want to double or triple your revenue by working with more premium dream clients who light you up..
You’re looking for world-class marketing that’s equal parts strategy AND soul.
You want to be surrounded and supported by other ambitious Women in the industry and have them as your business besties.
You want a holistic approach that incorporates both mindset AND the proven step-by step strategies you can follow all the way to the bank — not just one or the other.

This is NOT FOR YOU if...

You’re worried investing will put your bank account in the red and you in a needy and anxious state (only join if you’re going to allow yourself to be relaxed and receptive throughout the process).
You're looking for a way to earn ‘passive income’ selling low-ticket products while you hang out at the beach
You have no idea what you’re selling or who you serve and have no experience serving ANY clients.
You’re looking for an easy fix and don’t want to put in any effort to create content or implement the strategies.
You expect to get to 5-Figure months or 6-Figure years just by investing in this mastermind and have no desire to take any action. #sorrynotsorry

Typical Outcomes

Doubled / Tripled Income
$10k, $20k+ months

You can now hire team members, VA, re-invest in business, pay off debt, tithe, contribute to an organization of your choice, save for kid’s college, vacations, buy a dream home/car etc.

More Time
Work only 15 hrs. a week or less

spend more time with family (kids) , hang out with friends, work on growing the business (other ventures and interests), focus on hobbies, travel, get more sleep etc.

Stress Relief
no more feast or famine, burn out ect

know which actions to take each day to generate leads & land premium clients, no wasted time, weight removed from shoulders, increased confidence + happiness, peace of mind

Imagine knowing exactly what to do

in your business month after month to consistently
land premium clients in less time
Imagine being able to consistently write compelling content that magnetizes and sells your offer at the same time.
Imagine waking up to messages from dream clients ready to pay in full without objections because they see the VALUE in your offer and feel a pull to work with you.
​Imagine hitting your revenue goals month after month with a simple strategy that gives you back more time in your day to spend with your family, go to the gym or take a min-vacation

You won’t have to imagine it for much longer.
That's the reality you'll be living after the
The Impact-Driven Entrepreneur Mastermind
*We start September 2022. Only 15 spots left.