For Christian Female Coaches, Consultants & Service Based Providers


Join Me 

Tuesday, September 15th –  Friday, September 18th @1pm MST/4pm EST


I walk you step by step & show you how to package, price & promote your irresistible offer. 


(one thats worthy of charging 2k or more and 

that will have your ideal clients clawing at their credit cards to work with you)


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Is your Business stuck in one of these two places?

1. You want to create a  offer…but you have no idea how. 

You know that you have knowledge that is transformational and can make an impact…but how do you turn it into an program? Will it be good enough? Will it get results for your clients? Most importantly, will anyone ever buy it in the first place?


2. You have an offer, but no one seems interested in it

You created something, but no one seems o be interested in it  
And that can take a toll on your confidence, making you wonder:

“Did I price it too high?”
“Maybe they don’t think I’m the real deal?”
“Did I mess up, and they don’t really need my service?”

Whichever boat you’re in..
I can help.


I have found that having the right offer allows you to: 


attract the right clients 

(the ones who are actually going to take action & implement what you teach not just consume information & are excited to work with you) 


stop trading time for money & meet your income goals faster


& create amazing transformation for your clients in an even bigger way

During this 4 day workshop we will cover:

  •  The BEST way to position yourself as a leading authority in your niche with your offer – (especially when you’re just starting out and dont have a ton of testimonials)    

  • My formula for creating a head-turning hook (Big Promise) that commands your clients’ attention.  (Your hook is responsible for 75% of the heavy lifting of your offer – – it’s THAT critical.)

  • My Simple Fill-In-The-Blank template for ensuring your offer is truly irresistible and speaking directly to your ideal client in a way that compels them to buy. 

  • How to turn the skills or expertise that you already have into a PREMIUM offer that’s easily worth $2k or more…

  • AND how to construct a powerful signature program that gets your clients MAJOR results as fast as possible, while taking just a few hours a week for you to deliver.  

Meet the Presenter

Onyinye Anike, Social media strategy for busy moms, high ticket sales, business coach, confidence coach for women, Christian coaches


Onyinye Anike is a Transformation Coach and Business Strategist, International Bestselling Author, Speaker and Performance Consultant.


She has helped dozen of Christian entrepreneurs step into their purpose and power so they can fully embrace their entrepreneurial journey as they launch, grow and scale their business. 


Onyinye works with her clients to help them master their mindset, align with their God-given purpose, clarify their niche, package, price and promote their offer and implement the best lead generation strategy for their business so they can successfully launch and grow their kingdom business and have the INCOME, IMPACT & FREEDOM they desire.

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