I help your audience to uncover their purpose so they can stand fully in their power and potential and confidently use their voice to create impact in the world. 


We are born whole and worthy as babies but somewhere along the way we lost sight of that. 

We hide, play small, make excuses, dim our light and quiet our voice. 

We tell ourselves untrue stories about ourselves

We become a shadow of what we were meant to be. 

We conform to a life of mediocrity, unfulfilled and unhappy. 

We look to others for validation of our worth. 

We become stuck in people pleasing, perfectionism, analysis paralysis and low self esteem. 


We let our doubt and moments of failure define who we are instead of seeing these opportunity for what they are.  


I will help your audience see that they matter, their voice and message needs to be heard, their story needs to be told, there is purpose in their pain and their greatness has always been there.. 


They will walk away knowing how to step fully into their purpose, confidently walk in their power and take action on their goals..

Onyinye Anike, Social media strategy for busy moms, high ticket sales, business coach, confidence coach for women, Christian coaches

Speaking Topics



Comfort, the Enemy of Success 


The Brain Step into Power 


Resiliency- the key to being unstoppable


Purpose-Your Guiding Light- Unshaken 


“You have two weeks to live…” hearing this would make most anyone stop in their tracks but for powerhouse speaker, #1 international bestselling author & entrepreneurial coach Onyinye it was one of the most defining moments in her life. 

Her passion for others, her zeal in serving her community was birthed out of an unexpected wake up call with a diagnosis of cancer. It was in this moment that she reawakened her quest for personal growth and development and most importantly embraced her faith and trust in God. 

As a transformational life & business coach Onyinye has spoken in front of audiences worldwide, she has authored a #1 international bestselling book and committed as a trainer with certification as a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner to help women identify and overcome the mindset blocks that keep many of us stuck in mediocrity and hold us back from our full potential in life and business. 

What felt like a life sentence and the end of the road was actually her new beginning. Onyinye has worked in Higher Education in Student Affairs for over 10 years which laid an incredible foundation for her journey into entrepreneurship. As a business coach, speaker, consultant and host of Powerteam International Masterminds she has used her gifts to ensure that other women don’t overlook the ability in their own unique gifts, whether in life or business.

As a wife and mother of two, Onyinye has used her eye opening life experiences to not only leave a legacy for generations to come but to commit with purpose and zeal to help women around the world to step into their purpose in business and in life so that the limitations that commonly keep us stuck will no longer be an obstacle for creating a life of purpose. 

For more information and to find out your unique journey of purpose, Onyinye has created a signature Purpose Path kit to help identify the next step towards your greatest life goal. You can bring Onyinye to your next event by filling out the sheet below

#1 International Bestselling Author of “Yes I Can”

Onyinye Anike, Social media strategy for busy moms, high ticket sales, business coach, confidence coach for women, Christian coaches

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